Smart Kitchen- Yesterday’s Dream is Today’s Reality

We live in an age where the word “smart” has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. In the last few years we have seen a whole host of connected smart home products. Everything from smart thermostats that learn from our behavior and adjust the temperature around us to smart door locks that allows us to see who is ringing the door bell, letting us open the door sitting thousands of miles away from our home. This is the era where when we wakeup our coffee maker turns on automatically. Even better it knows what flavor of coffee we want each day of the week.  How about you get in your car and it already knows the best route to go on based on the up-to-date traffic news and car accidents. All these have been made possible by what we know as the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things or IoT, simply put is a concept where physical things can connect to each other and/or to the Internet with a simple push of a button. The concept of connecting to the Internet is no longer limited to the phones and computers only. 

The kitchen is another area where IoT is already making its mark. Over the next few years we are going to see several new products that are going to make our kitchen smarter. Amazon echo and google home are examples of how verbal commands can help us pull recipes and inform us about ingredients. Smart kitchen thermometers send signal to the oven to increase or decrease temperature settings allowing for our meats to cook perfectly. By the end of this decade Kitchens are going to look and feel a lot different.  Big brands like Samsung and LG are already gearing up to be the pioneer in the smart kitchen technology and there are several other small startups trying to bring innovation to the kitchen. Imagine that your refrigerator knows exactly what ingredients you have and proposes a quick 20-minute dinner when you enter your home or may be something elaborate to impress your date. How about if it sends a signal directly to the grocery store when you are running low on something. 

This technology is not only going to be limited to big kitchen appliances. We are going to see a whole host of small/handheld smart kitchen tools. Our storage containers are going to be smart so we know what nutrients we are eating the moment we dispense the ingredients. How about the fork that tracks and monitors our eating habits or a smart cooking pan to ensure we get a perfect medium rare steak every time. These are not just fantasies. All this is already happening. There is a new wave of connected kitchen tools. You can only imagine how your kitchen is going to transform in the next 5 years.

Are you ready for all that is coming your way?